- Event Financing -

We are young and energetic, with a lot of creativity and eagerness for the happiness of our customers. We will organize the events you have always wanted. Do not hesitate to live beautifully every moment of your life. KM Props & Events is a team of high-level professionals with extensive experience in a wide variety of activities, creating a unique, modern, and beautiful event!

To help you create unforgettable memories, KMP offers wedding event financing in partnership with our lenders. They have the best interest rates up to $15,000. Our clients may repay them later or with monthly payments under a predetermined term (2 to 36 months).

The special events organized by KM Props & Events are always elegant, modern, original, and at the same time delicate and very beautiful. Every wedding we have is unique - we strive to put in each of them a detail of their decor and scenario corresponding to each pair by attracting the best specialists in the wedding industry and various creative fields.

Financing for Event Specialists

Every event organized by KM Props & Events is processed to the smallest detail. This result is achieved through the collaboration of a large number of specialists in different fields. Our company offers you the best professionals in the wedding industry, and they will help you make a good choice related to:

  • presenter ($600 - $1,000);
  • designer ($800 - $2,500);
  • florist ($400 - $2,000);
  • the bride's bouquet ($200 - $400);
  • event decoration ($1,000 - $3,000);
  • photo and video specialists ($600 - $1,000);
  • musicians ($1,000 - $5,000);
  • dancers and other entertainment performances ($2,000 - $4,000);
  • fireworks.
  • At the same time, our designers will offer you a unique and modern way of decorating, using the most exciting constructions and materials, including tent curtains, from the best fabrics.

    Don’t hesitate to request event financing from our lenders ready to work with you and finance your event dreams.